The Truth Of Property Valuation Sydney

Building Property Valuation Sydney has been especially here inMelbourne and Property Valuation Sydney the numbers are phenomenalmelbourne has added around .

newapartments each year .the last twoyears that have lost value before anyoneeven turned a key in .

Property Valuation Sydney

The lock now in thenext two years that figure is going torise to , apartments it’s a hell ofa lot on the market that’s alreadysaturated take a look over

There there’syour office block and over here theseare the departments that you can seethat there’s no lights on there’s only ahandful and properties in here.

Where thelights are on and this is the evidencethat’s showing really that the lightsare off or nobody’s home that’ssignificant because it’s eight o’clockon a Tuesday night.

We’re so close to theCBD of elven that if anyone was going tobe home they’d be off that tram now butthey’re not in said yeah that’sbasically that’s right

These propertiesare not fully occupied they are vacantit wasn’t supposed to be this way thestate government’s planning blueprintsfor both Sydney and Melbourne assumedthat empty nesters .

Would downsize intoapartments and leave their houses in thesuburbs behind opening them up for younghome buyers but the empty nesters aren’tcoming.

we’re still building units thatto be quite honest you wouldn’t put yourdog in I mean some of these one-bedroomvertical fridges are appalling and Icouldn’t imagine anything.

worse that’swhy I’m so opposed to downsizing therecould be lots of developers who end upearning unable to sell their theiroff-the-plan properties and goingbankrupt.

I think we’re in for a krupsthe slide out about that at all so wefought her for this yet still people arebanging down the door to get into themarket Liz Moss.