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That  have been more connected to the mining  sector I’ve also bottom down now you know I was  just looking at some numbers on Kaurava this morning the number of sales in  Karratha is up % over the past months we’ve seen values rise about % since they bottomed out in   but of course they’re about % below where they were back in so I think a few investors who might be a  little bit more risk inclined would be targeting some of these mining regions as well other batur looking like good  value and starting to ride.

That wave of commodity price improvements imagine you’ve been busy the last six months with everyone trying to get a read on  this current market that we’re sitting in right now and you touched on pretty much all around the country except for Melbourne and Sydney which seems to be the the the beacon of light that everyone’s placing on Australia’s property market is on Sydney Melbourne right now you know you’ve just said that the mark is a lot bigger than Sydney in Melbourne but the commentary that you’ve been providing around the market that we’re in right now and city in Melbourne.

I do imagine you deal with a lot of journalists some of them probably a lot less educated around properly than people that are more educated around property and they probably go fishing for for headlines from you your take on how the media has approached reporting on the Sydney and Melbourne market what  your views on there any any criticisms or you think they’ve done a pretty reasonable job I think like any industry.

There’s a whole range of different levels of quality and I think the mainstream media there is a theme of these these markets so a very weak they  are absolutely we’re seeing Sydney values are down by nearly % as they peaked out back in the middle of Melbourne is down by nearly percent and I think by year’s end we’ll probably see Sydney down by at least percent.

I think in that sense the reporting is is is quite clear the markets in in a downswing after a very long upwards trajectory but we have seen in some other publications you know minutes is probably a really good example where we saw some some very slanted reporting a bit of cherry-picking on with some of the analysts they used as a commentators or if you know it’s an absolutely  cataclysm in the housing market being probably.

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Want that safety around Property Valuer Sydney it thathasn’t really you know evaporated yetfrom Property Valuer Sydney the GFC even though that was anumber of years ago now if we look atother asset classes.

  • That havetraditionally provided you know halfdecent yields at least infrastructure isa key one it’s considered to be a prettylow risk play there’s still .
  • The potential for capital growth over timeto give you an example of some infrastructure kind of place we’retalking about like toll roads andairports stuff like .
  • That infrastructure is very expensive right now you knowlast couple years evaluations have beenvery stretched yields are still okay notfantastic but

These have often becomevery leveraged instruments now if youlook at sydney airport for example deadis about eight to one against equity sowhether .

That something you want to beinvested in that’s you know going to beup to you but really infrastructure isvery very expensive in terms ofvaluations and.

They are there’s been alot of activity there so you need to becareful investing in infrastructureright now that being said you know I’mnot saying

That infrastructure is goingto underperform it certainly is veryloved right now but if we look at it interms of comparing the valuations withother asset classes infrastructure iscertainly not cheap .

Then if we go andlook at say commercial property bycomparison you know we’re talking aboutmainly you know if we look at over all .