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Robert J. Venable is a long-term bull on Broadwing, Inc., and Convergys Corp.Venable, an analyst for Robert W. Baird & Co. was in Cincinnati last week to talk about the two companies to the brokerage’s clients.They both have very strong prospects, Venable said. ”They have strong managements and they know how to make money.”Valuation process makes you feel relax and valuers will do all work on behalf of yours.The two companies were one until Aug. 12, 1998, when Broadwing, then known as Cincinnati Bell Inc., sold about 10 percent of Convergys in an initial public offering at $15 per share. The other 90 percent of Convergys was distributed to Cincinnati Bell stockholders Jan. 1, 1999

The spin off has paid off for both companies, Venable said. ”It helped Convergys to focus, but the real beneficiary was Broadwing.”Broadwing has moved from a regulated monopoly serving Greater Cincinnati to a national competitor with its stock acquisition of IXC and its company’s national fiber-optic network. The IXC acquisition was not an easy one, Venable said, but Broadwing did a ”remarkable” job of integrating it and straightening out its management problems in less time and at a lower cost than originally estimated.

Broadwing, the name Cincinnati Bell adopted after completing the IXC merger, has also successfully rolled out new products – wireless telephone, long distance and high speed Internet connections, he said.”There are a lot of things (available in Cincinnati) you can’t get in other cities,” he said. Broadwing’s stock has outperformed its peers, not falling as far in the recent pullback from telecommunications companies by the stock market, and is above its level at the time of the IXC merger announcement, Venable said.

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Convergys, which answers the phones for a number of blue chip companies and prints many of the bills wireless telephone users get each month, is also well positioned for success, Venable said.Its billing software can handle extremely large numbers of wireless telephone users, which is important as the industry consolidates and leaves fewer companies to prepare bills for, he said. Convergys’ billing software can also be adapted for use in other languages and currencies, making it possible for use overseas, where wireless have more potential for growth, Venable said.

Convergys has also done a good job of adding Adelaide Property Valuers to its customer care business by moving into benefits assistance and other specialized areas where its work is more valuable for its client companies, he said.Also, the company has good prospects for expanding overseas that currently isn’t factored into its stock price, Venable said.The market today wants growth in earnings or cash flow, strong balance sheets and good management, Venable said. Both Broadwing and Convergys fit in that category.Simple valuation process is performed by expert valuers only.